Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons that people visit a chiropractor is for pain relief. Many different kinds of pain can be disruptive to your life and make it difficult to enjoy everyday activities. Dr. Stephen DeHaven of DeHaven Chiropractic Clinic in White Bear Lake, MN also serves the surrounding area, providing treatments and therapies that help relieve your pain without you having to resort to medication. 

Back pain

Back pain can make your life difficult. Getting pain relief is vital to your ability to maintain your lifestyle. Whether it is an injury or just wear and tear, we can help you to get back to the activities you love. 

Spinal adjustment

Spinal adjustments are one of the primary treatments that we use. When your spine is out of alignment, it doesn't allow the impulses from the brain to get through freely and this can result in your body not performing at its maximum efficiency. Many different types of adjustment are available and the chiropractor will discuss with you the options, and what will work best for your body and condition. 

Spinal decompression

When the discs in your back become damaged, through an accident or just the normal aging process, they can bulge or herniate. This allows them to press on the nerves that surround the spine. Spinal decompression uses a computer program to help to stretch your spine and increase the space between the vertebrae. This creates a vacuum that pulls the disc material back into its original spot and can make back surgery unnecessary. 

Electrical muscle stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation uses low-level electric current to help muscles to relax. The stimulation causes the muscles to make very small contractions that, after a few minutes, cause the muscles to get tired and relax. This helps to lower the number of muscle spasms you are suffering as well as stimulating endorphins, which are nature's pain relievers. 

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise helps to continue the relief that the in-office treatment provides through teaching and targeted exercises that your chiropractor chooses to help with your specific condition. 

Other types of pain

Headaches are another type of pain that many people suffer from. With chiropractic therapy, some types of headaches including migraines and tension headaches can benefit. While they are difficult to totally cure, the number and severity of headaches can be greatly reduced. 

Pain in other joints of the body can benefit from extremity manipulation as well as therapeutic exercise and electric muscle stimulation.  

Don't wait, call Dr. DeHaven of DeHaven Chiropractic Clinic in White Bear Lake, MN today at (651) 429-3015. You can start on your pain relief journey from your very first appointment. 

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