Dr. Steve is very patient, answers all my questions.  Always talkative, very friendly, I enjoy my visits.  Good outcome. -Michael L. 

I love coming here! It’s the best 30 minutes of my week! -Steph D. 

I have been a patient for over 20 years and keep coming back for miracle treatments.  Nobody else has been able to adjust my back and neck as successfully as Dr. Steve.  Highly recommend! -Britt O.

I have gone to chiropractors throughout my whole lifetime.  Dr. DeHaven is by far the best I have ever been to.  He has helped me return from whiplash injuries to low back vertebrae compression.  I would not be able to maintain my job as a truck driver if it weren’t for Dr. D. Thanks for all you do! -George S. 

I came, got relief, and now believe my life is in a better place.  -Brian H.

The clinic has such a relaxing atmosphere and no other chiropractor has been able to get my back to move like this! -Jamie H.

I love Dr. Steve! I have been to a few chiropractors over the past 10 years and no one has put in the time, energy, and education that he does with me every time I’m there.  Highly recommend him! -Anonymous 

The best chiropractor I’ve ever been to.  I was given an accurate diagnosis and for the first-time experienced relief.  I would recommend to anyone in need of chiropractic care. -Anna K.

Dr. D is the BEST! I’ve been seeing him for almost 30 years.  I cannot say enough good things about him, his staff, and the clinic overall! -Rachel

If Dr. Steve wasn’t the best, I would not have been one of his patients for the last 18 years.  #1 in my book!!! -Anonymous 

Out of 6 or 8 doctors Dr. DeHaven is #1. -A.S.

Dr. D. is great.  Helped me a whole lot.  Now I don’t walk bent over.  Thanks a lot Dr. D. -Eva

New to chiropractic care and Steve made me feel very comfortable an dclearly explained the process.  Already seeing results and feeling better after only a few treatments! -Tim K.

4 chiropractors in 45 years, you’re the top. Very good. -Norma M.

Chiropractic care by “the great one” Dr. DeHaven is the best.  He’s been helping me stay on my feet for many years and I couldn’t imagine having any other doctor care for me. -Elaine S.

Dr. Steve can usually always fix the problem.  Good reliable Service.  -Al N.

Been going to Dr. Steve since 1989, very good treatment, very nice guy.  It helps.  -Elsie F.

My experience with chiropractic care at Dr. DeHaven’s office has been life changing.  Not only for the symptoms I came in for but relief of things that I didn’t know chiropractic care could help.  Best thing I ever did!  My visits to my general practitioner have decreased dramatically. -Marie S.

Chiropractor adjusting patient

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